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Good Quality Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive

Increasingly more people are concerned about the quality of their food and where it comes from. However, there are still some people that are put off the idea of buying fresh meat because they fear that buying from a butcher will be expensive. Today we are going to look at why getting meat from your butcher is less expensive than you may think.

Getting more

When you buy an instant ready meal that is one meal and that’s it. The good thing with buying meat from a butcher is that it can potentially be several meals- for example if you buy mince this can be used to make spaghetti, chilli, mixed up with egg and breadcrumbs for burgers and so forth.

It also pays to think ahead- cooking a bit more and freezing means you can still have convenience and it means fewer trips to the shops as you already have food in place.

You have more control

Furthermore, it doesn’t take much to add your own personal touches to it- a simple sauce of soy, ginger puree, garlic puree, Chinese All Spice and honey can work wonders with a wide range of meats, cutting out the need for packet sauces and allowing for a more natural flavour.

Cutting down waste

One of the big issues in recent times has been the issue of waste. While a 2 for 1 deal may seem like a bargain it is less so if you find yourself having to throw out meat that has gone off or meals that have passed their sell by date.

The good thing about knowing a local butcher is that it is easier to talk to them and gauge how much you need as opposed to having to purchase the portions that are put in front of you.

Another benefit of knowing a local butcher is that they can advise you on what cuts will work best with what you want to do. A cheaper cut is not necessarily worse and indeed some that were traditionally thought of as cheap (such as pork belly) have recently become very popular.

An alternative to dining out

Dining out can be a luxury but sometimes you may not necessarily afford it or you may not have time for it. While it may not quite be a restaurant being able to do something a bit more authentic than a ready meal deal will often be appreciated as it shows you will have put a bit more thought and effort into it.

In simple terms, it is important to remember the difference between “value for money” and “lowest price”. If you come to Gaterells we promise you we can help make your money go further while at the same time giving you the quality you deserve. For more information on what we can offer browse through the website or come to our shop and talk to us in person (we’ll be happy to show you something that will work for you!)