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How To Mix Meat With Chocolate

Easter is just around the corner and inevitably there will be lots of chocolate eggs, bunnies and so forth. But if you fancy being a bit adventurous it is possible to combine the flavours of meat with chocolate and today we are going to be looking at some of the best examples!


The ideal combination between sweet and savoury

It may not seem as strange as it first sounds- meat is often paired up with sweet sauces (duck with orange, chicken with honey and mayonnaise or sweet and sour sauces in Chinese cookery for a whole range of meats).

There are a lot of variations but typically dark chocolate or cocoa is best and you don’t need a lot of it. However, a small amount can go a long way, providing additional layers of flavour that people will love (especially if you don’t tell them first).



Venison is most traditionally associated with being served with chocolate and you will see it on a lot of menus. If you want to provide something different with a roast dinner the mix of a cocoa coated venison paired with some pickled red cabbage can be a real crowd pleaser.



Chilli is an excellent dish and a big pot can be ideal if you’ve got the family coming around and want something people can help themselves from. Adding cocoa powder, semi-sweet dark chocolate or even a bit of chocolate brown ale can all add extra sweetness and depth of flavour.



As with chilli having a pot of barbecue sauce warming up at the ready for your various meats is ideal, as well as using it to brush and baste just before going on the grill. Adding just a little bit of chocolate can make the sauce that little bit richer and it can be used to baste a wide range of meats!

You can also use cocoa as a rub on baby back ribs, so this in combination with plenty of sauce before being cooked on the grill or in the oven is ideal.



Combining a little chocolate with Madeira wine and gravy alongside your meat and root vegetables adds a little extra depth to an already warming and comforting dish (and with a slow cooker this can be ready for when you get home).



Another Mexican classic, topping off your rolled-up tortillas with cheese and a rich sauce with added chocolate and baked in the oven provides you with a great dish to spice up an evening.


We can help

If you are still not sure about what meat can be paired with chocolate or want more ideas, please come into our shop and we will be happy to go over the options available. As well as looking at what is in season we can guide you with what works best and we have a number of options we can recommend. Come and see us today or contact us via the website and we will be happy to help.