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New Barbecue Ideas

As the weather (hopefully) gets warmer people’s minds turn to getting outside and enjoying a barbecue. While a burger or hot dog can be great it is good to mix it up a bit and offer a bit of variety so that your barbecue can stand out for all the right reasons!

Rubs and marinades

One great way to get more flavour from your barbecue is to use different types of rubs and marinades. For example, you don’t need to go out to have your own peri-peri chicken, cooking your own with fresh chicken on the barbecue can work just as well while a well-prepared marinade can add extra depth of flavour to belly pork and other styles of meat.

Have a pot of chilli on standby

Of course, it helps to be prepared if the weather does go bad- a pot of chilli is a good thing to have to hand, plus there is the added bonus that having something on low in the kitchen allows people to help themselves. Alternatively, curry or goulash can also work well, creating a nice smell in the kitchen (you can also use the leftovers to top jacket potatoes or mix in with a salad).

Use different meats

Beef burgers and hot dogs are great but you don’t necessarily need to be restricted by them- a pulled pork sub with apple sauce can also work well or you could make a meatball sub using lamb, pork or turkey mince.

Also, if you’re a fan of tower burgers you don’t necessarily need to go to a fast food restaurant- homemade potato cakes can be added in with the burger to provide a different additional texture (just make sure you have a sturdy bun to keep it in!)

There are a lot of potential combinations and it’s good to have different types. Kebabs can also work well or you could do a fondue with vegetables and pieces of meat as another possible side dish.

Fresher is better

While people joke about British weather it is true you may not get too many chances to cook outside and really enjoy it. When people come around they should be able to enjoy the experience with food that has been specially selected by people who know what they are talking about.

At Gaterells we have had the benefit of years of experience to hone our craft. As a family butcher, we know what works best and over the years have learned ways to make more out of the food available. It’s not just cuts of meat either- we have plenty of ready meals, pies and other assorted goodies to help make your barbecue the special occasion it deserves to be (whatever the weather).

For more information look on our website or come to our shop today and we will be happy to chat about what we have and how you can get more from your barbecue so that you can enjoy it while it lasts!