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Suggestions For Party Food

Whether it’s seeing in the New Year, a birthday party or a get-together with friends and family it always helps to have some party food to hand. With a local family butcher like Gaterell’s you know you can get the best quality party food- here are some suggestions to get the kind of food your guests will love!

Topped crackers

This is ideal for guests as they walk in- get a small salted cracker and top with cream cheese and a choice of topping- chorizo, artichokes, prawns and caviar are a few examples.


A very simple snack but very versatile! Essentially this is a toasted bread pizza- take a slice of bread, toast one side fully and then lightly toast the other. Spread butter on top, rub in some garlic and top with tomato puree.

After this get creative- mozzarella is the ideal cheese for this but you can use cheddar or another you prefer while fresh basil adds to the flavour.

You can then top it with things you like (this is also useful if you have to rustle something up at the last minute)- this can include Parma ham, mushrooms, jalapenos, chicken, pretty much anything you’d normally put on a pizza.


An Italian classic- cold meats, bread, pickled chillies and cheese that everyone can pick at. Serve it with a red wine for the classic Italian touch.

Homemade chilli or spaghetti Bolognese

While you may want to get some items for people to pick at making a big pot of something can be a better move for a number of reasons- it can be made in advance, making the flavours permeate and creating a welcoming smell as your guests come in.


Good for film night snacking- spread nacho cheese tortilla chips on a plate. In a pan cook mince with kidney beans, a little tomato puree, fresh chillies and/or a little chilli powder and seasoning (Cajun spice is good for but find a combination that works for you!)

Spread chilli on top of the chips and add grated cheese. Flash it under the grill (watch it as it’ll cook in about a minute) or warm for a couple of minutes in the oven.


Whether it’s slicing up the pies as part of a buffet or served up with mash and vegetables on the side a pie is a nice alternative to heavier roast dinners.


There are a number of different methods you can do with this- you may use wooden or metal skewers and there is a variety of meats and vegetables you can use.

Chicken, pork and lamb are all good examples of meats you can use while mushrooms and peppers work well for vegetables.


Burgers are not necessarily just for barbecues! You don’t necessarily need massive meats and rolls, equally you can cut them into bite size morsels that can allow people to sample a wider array of meats.

Talk to us

These are just a few examples of what we can do- come to Gaterells and we’ll be happy to share our experience to help you get more from your party food. A little extra effort will be appreciated by your guests and we have the fresh food to help get your party started!