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Think Ahead: How Preparation Can Make Mealtimes Easier

People are often put off cooking meals because it seems like an effort- however this does not necessarily have to be the case. With the right approach and preparing in advance it is possible to make fresh food without too much stress!


Batch production


One method to reduce the stress is to prepare ahead. For example preparing meat in advance and freezing it can cut out a lot of the faff involved. Mince is very useful for this- you can adapt it to form chilli’s, pies, lasagne and so forth. But the added benefit is that you know what you are getting because you know what you put in.


Cooking hacks


There are a few shortcuts you can do to make life easier when cooking without compromising quality- for example using microwave rice and straight to wok noodles can remove a lot of the washing up that comes with preparing rice and noodles.


Get help


It might sound obvious but if you can get help do so! Peeling vegetables, preparing sauces and so forth can be done with someone helping out. If you live on your own another way is to cook in stages- for example cooking meat first, adding sauce, adding vegetables and noodles. Tidying as you go also cuts down on all the washing up at the end.


Use your leftovers


This ties in with batch production- for example if you find you have a lot of leftover meat they can be put into other things such as casseroles. Another great example of wraps- they are very simple to put together and with a few added vegetables and flavourings it can create an added meal without too much effort.


Quality goes a long way


The big thing to remember is that good quality meat can go a long way- having frozen meat at the ready means you don’t need to go shopping for longer periods of time. It can’t be emphasised enough that if you use a little ingenuity you can make your meat go a bit further without compromising in terms of flavour.


Finally one of the big benefits of using family butchers like Gaterells is that we can go over what you want to do and help you make choices particular to your needs- someone with a family of four will have different considerations than someone living on their own.


It should also be noted that we have a number of our own prepared ready meals as well as various sauces and other things to help you get more from your meat. It is that extra bit of quality we pride ourselves with that you get the full benefit from.


If you would like to know more about what we do please get in touch with us or pop in to our shop and we will be happy to help you find out more about what we have to offer and how we can help you eat better with less stress.