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Winter warmers- The best dishes to make cold nights warmer

As winter draws near inevitably people start craving something to warm them up. The good thing is that the best dishes at this time can warm you up without too much effort to cook them. Here is a quick guide to some of our personal favourites.

Mince based dishes

The good thing about mince is that you can make a number of dishes using it, allowing you to think ahead through the week while at the same time keeping it simple.

Dishes such as spaghetti bolognese and chilli con carne are ideal- the ingredients you need are basic and easily accessible. You can produce small batches for you, a partner or family or even stretch it out for a big pot to provide enough for a family. If you are looking to cut down on the carbs it is possible to get low carb variants on pasta or can use spiralised vegetables instead.

There is also the added benefit of slow cooking, giving you the chance to get the flavours permeating through the house and reducing the pressure on you to get it done.

If you need to stretch the mince a little further you can bake it into pies or cook it up with some vegetables and put in wraps.

Slow cooker dishes

Slow cookers are ideal if you want the benefit of a home cooked casserole or stew but don’t necessarily have the time to look over it. This is especially good if you come home from a stressful day as you know that your food is ready and can be quickly assembled!

Soups and stews

Soups and stews are especially good as they allow you to make the most from your meat- it is worth talking to your butcher to help you make stock from the bones, adding an excellent depth of flavour.

Roast dinner

There are numerous variations on the classic roast dinner. For example, you may not have considered venison served with pickled red cabbage (or rotecol as it’s known in Germany), roast pork cutlets served with sliced apple or honey and mustard chicken.

One aspect that you may not have considered are what you se
rve alongside your meat- mustard mash served with chicken, horseradish served with beef or garlic mash served with lamb can all add an extra flavour to standard mashed potato.

And if you’re not a fan of sprouts or cabbage the addition of garlic and bacon in the French style can transform them, while added ginger can add spice to carrots, broccoli and other so called “boring” vegetables (this is also well worth doing if you are encouraging children to eat their vegetables)

Come to us

In short there are a lot of great ways to liven up your winter. Don’t forget that your leftovers can be added to sandwiches, poured on jacket potatoes or used to create stylish warm salads.

If you want some more inspiration come to Gaterells and will be happy to give you some ideas, bringing that family butcher know how to your mealtimes!